Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Programme Outline
The Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme aims to provide professional upgrading opportunities for existing preschool teachers who do not possess diploma qualifications. This is in line with the government’s policy to equip preschool teachers with a minimum diploma qualification. Specifically, it equips students with knowledge, skills and competencies for them to be employed in childcare settings and preschools. Upon completion of the programme, graduates should be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the core knowledge areas;
  • apply knowledge and understanding to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children’s development from birth to the age of 6 years old in Malaysia;
  • create, provide and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where children from birth to the age of 6 years old in Malaysia learn and develop;
  • demonstrate commitment to professionalism in values, attitudes and ethics;
  • communicate effectively with children, colleagues, family and the community;
  • apply problem solving, self-reflection, scientific skills and creative thinking in the care and education of young children from birth to the age of 6 years old in Malaysia;
  • resource, select and apply information to enhance early learning and self-development; and
  • exhibit basic managerial and entrepreneurial skills in early childhood settings

Job Prospects
Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme, graduates will find employment in childcare settings and preschools as teachers and administrators. Also, graduates who are teachers in preschool centers without formal qualifications will then be suitably equipped and qualified to teach. Graduates may also be able to start up their own pre-school centers.

Entry Requirements
Candidates with the following criteria will be eligible to be considered for admission into the Diploma programme:
    Candidates must posses a minimum of 3 credits in SPM or Equivalent
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
    Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) provides an opportunity for individuals with working experience but lack of formal qualifications to pursue their tertiary studies. APEL involves the identification, documentation and assessment of prior experiential learning to determine the extent to which an individual has achieved the desired learning outcomes, for access to a programme of study.
    Applicants should comply with the following admission criteria stipulated by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA):
    • The candidate should be at least 20 years of age in the year of application and possess relevant work experience.

Graduation Requirements
A student must complete 90 credit hours and obtain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 to be eligible for graduation.

Support Services
Learning resources include a variety of specially designed open learning study materials in pdf and audio-visual formats, as well as access to online interactive and web-based communications. Libraries and other administrative support are also available at the Regional and Regional Support Centers.

Application Procedure
Application forms can be obtained from the Regional Centers or downloaded from wou.edu.my. The duly completed forms must be returned to the respective Regional Centers or posted to the Wawasan Open University Main Campus.