Student Admission Application Process

STEP 1: Complete Application and Gather Required Documents
  • Complete Student Application Form
  • 2 copies of passport size photographs
  • 1 copy of Identification Card (I.C.)
  • 1 copy of certified true copy academic transcript/ results (SPM/STPM/UEC/O-Levels/Per-U/Others)
  • 1 copy of certified true copies certificate (course/diploma/degree) - if applicable

STEP 2: Submit Application Form and Supporting Documents
  • Submit the form to SC College Student Registrar Office
    4, Jalan Kampung Perak, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.
    Tel: +604-7318333, +604-7319333
    Fax: +604-7351333

STEP 3: Pay Fee
  • How to Pay
    Cash or bank draft/money order or cheque is made payable to SC College Sdn. Bhd.
  • Payment Method(s)
    Full Fees Payment upon Registration
    Pay at SC College Registrar Office or Direct Deposit via e-payment.
    Bank Account Name SC College Sdn. Bhd
    Bank Name United Overseas Bank
    Bank Account No. 161 - 303 - 885 - 5

Student Admission Application Form

Please complete all relevant sections of this form in BLOCK/ CAPITAL letters and submit to SC College Student Registrar Office two weeks before your intended commencement date.

Personal Details

Marital Status:

Please specify:

Please specify:

Contact Details

Intended Program of Study

Diploma in Accounting & Finance (LCCI International Qualifications)Diploma in Business ManagementAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)Basic Book Keeping and AccountingLearn Basic CostingLearn Computerized Full AccountsEnglish Short CoursesLearn Advanced English


Education Background (Please list the higher education qualification first)

(*Please attach certified copies of the related certificates/ transcript)

Employment Status (Please tick the appropriate box)

Public SectorPrivate SectorSelf-employedUnemployedStudent

Work Experience (Please state the most current one first)

Language Proficiency (Please tick the appropriate box)



Bahasa Malaysia


Computer Literacy Skills (Please tick the appropriate box)


Access to Computer with Internet Connection (Please tick the appropriate box)

At WorkAt HomeInternet Cafe

Sources of Information (Please tick the appropriate box)

College WebsiteAdvertisementSocial MediaEducation FairFriends/ FamilyOthers

Please specify:

Documents Required

Passport Size Photograph:

Photocopy I.C/ Passport:

Certified True Copy of Academic Qualifications


  1. I declare that all information in this given application form and the attached documents are accurate and complete.
  2. I consent that upon registered, I will conform to the Constitution and Rules and Regulations of the College.
  3. I authorise the College to obtain information from any of my previous or current educational institution/ employer.
  4. I understand the College reserves the right to vary, reject or reverse any decision made on the basis of untrue, incomplete or misleading information.
  5. I give consent to College to collect and process my personal data in accordance with their policies as per the Privacy Statement and Personal Data Protection Act (2010).
I have read and understood the declaration and agree and accept them fully.
Declaration by Parent/ Guardian (if applicant is below 18 years)