SC College

SC College (formerly known as Institut Profesional) was established in 1981 with the mission to boost the professional human resources capacity in accounting and business fields. As the private institution of higher learning, registered under Malaysian Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996, SC College has served the community of Kedah & Perlis for more than three decades. Over the years, the college has trained and educated thousands of accounting graduates.
SC College provides a high quality accounting and business education opportunity at the affordable fee to the high school leavers as well as working adults. The college is committed to produce competent workforce to support the social and economic growth. Hence, the mission of the college is to deliver lifelong learning opportunities through academic and professional qualifications in accounting and business, and practical skills-training programmes to provide our learners a sustainable competitive advantage in the workplace.

Success Stories

Lim Meng Chao, Kedah


At age 17, I attended my first accounting course at SC College (Formerly known Institut Profesional) this was a stepping stone to a career in the accountancy industry. I subsequently took up the professional accounting course, ACCA, and affiliated in 2010 at Institut Profesional. I started my career as an audit assistant with Par, Ooi & Co., an ACCA Approved Platinum employer, in 2008. I advanced my career to the tax division at the same firm in 2010 and was subsequently appointed as Director in 2013. Throughout these years, I actively lectured on a part-time basis with Instltut Profesional on accounting and taxation subjects. I was admitted as ACCA and MIA member in 2011. Currently I am a GST approved tax agent.

Nurul Nadia Suparman, Kedah


It has been my dream to further my studies In the accounting field since I graduated from secondary school. When I was looking for an LCCI Training Center in Kedah Darul Aman, my friend and family members encouraged me to register for the LCCI Diploma at Institut Profesional. I did not have basic knowledge in Accounting but I feel comfortable during lectures as the lecturers assist me well to catch up. Every day I look forward to attending class to explore new knowledge.

Koek Khang Yee, Kedah

Account Manager

Many years ago, there were not many college choices for students in Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman who wanted to further their studies without travelling to other cities. Institut Profesional is the only Pearson LCCI approved center in Alor Setar, Kedah and this gave me lots of confidence to enroll in the LCCI Diploma and CIMA. I graduated in 2003 and managed to get employed in a highly reputable development company. I am able to perform well in my work and deliver productive results.

Cheong Boon Yee, Kedah

Account Executive

After SPM, I enrolled in the Pearson LCCI Diploma and AIA at Institut Profesional and proudly graduated in 2002. Institut Profesional has an excellent reputation in business and accounting courses. The courses are taught by a disciplined and professional education team who has in-depth knowledge of accounting - this is the major reason that attracted me. A stable and qualified academic team is the most important consideration for students enrolling for any courses.