Registered Training Center (RTC)

Pearson LCCI

SC College is the only Pearson LCCI Registered Training Centre (RTC) in Alor Setar. We are one of the selected Registered Training Centres (RTC) as Registration Centre to manage the registration process for LCCI examinations Private Candidates. All private students that are planning to sit for any LCCI Examinations as Private Candidates (PIC) will need to register for exams through SC College.

Terms & Conditions

  • If candidate subsequently withdraw from the examinations, no refund will be given.
  • All forms and documents must be submitted to SC College Office strictly according to Closing Date stated in this form. Any late submission will not be entertained. The respective candidate will need to wait for next opening date for external examination registration.
  • Please ensure that you have chosen the correct subject(s) for external examination registration. No amendment will be allowed after the Examination Registration Form has been submitted to SC College Office.
  • A photocopy of National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) must be submitted together with this form.
  • Please paste a copy of passport size photo in the box provided at the top of the form.
  • An email confirmation on examination registration details will be sent to candidate by SC College within two (2) working days upon submission of registration form. The candidate is required to confirm the details via replying the email within 24 hours. No response and / or no reply from the candidate will be deemed as the candidate is agreed on the examination registration details and thus SC College will proceed with the submission to Pearson LCCI.
  • Examination Timetable will be emailed to the email address provided in the Registration Form.
  • Examination docket will be emailed to candidate's email address provided in this form approximately fourteen (14) days before examination start date. If you do not receive your examination docket, please contact Student Management & Administration Department @ SC College Office at +04 7318333. It is the own responsibility of private candidate to print out and bring examination docket to examination hall.
  • Notification of certificates / results slips collection will be notified by email or various forms of notifications.
  • Candidates must collect their results and / or certificates from the date the result releases up until one (1) year. The certificates will be disposed of after one (1) year. Please bring an authorized letter if family members or friends will collect certificates / result slip on behalf of the candidates.